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by Suzanne Brown Tuma,
Longview Chamber of Commerce

Our Roadmap
to the Future

by Christina Cavazos

Several years ago, Longview’s leaders asked the community to come together to create a roadmap for the city’s future. Now leaders are asking the community to weigh in once again as they seek to refresh a long-range planning document that will continue to guide the city for years to come.

Since being adopted in 2015, Longview’s Comprehensive Plan has served as a guiding document that has helped shape the city as it is today. From park improvements and upgrades to public facilities to new entryway beautification projects and a thriving downtown, the city has used the Comprehensive Plan to help guide its decisions in an overall effort to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Monumental Project
Marks LEDCO’s
30th Anniversary

by Christina Cavazos

While LEDCO celebrated many wins and milestones in 2021, one of the most significant and historic moments came when Gap Inc. announced plans to open a new state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center in Longview. The $140 million investment by Gap Inc. will lead to the creation of more than 1,000 full-time jobs over the next five years and at least 1,000 part-time and seasonal jobs by 2026.


by Christina Cavazos

In an effort to continue providing top quality services to East Texas, Longview’s two primary hospitals embarked on multimillion dollar expansions and renovations in 2021 that will bring a new level of care to the community.

CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System is investing $35 million for a campus expansion at its NorthPark center in North Longview and for the creation of the city’s first dedicated Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute. CHRISTUS also invested $8.5 million to create a new cardiac facility that will offer premier cardiovascular care in Longview.

Murals & Milestones

by Christina Cavazos

On what was once a plain brick wall, a young woman can now be seen holding a dandelion and blowing its petals into the wind. In the breeze, the petals transform into music notes that may leave viewers thinking about their favorite song. The mural called Spring Melody has transformed a simple wall in downtown Longview into a work of art.  It is one of many projects completed in 2021 by Arts!Longview, which is striving to enhance the visibility of the city’s Cultural District.

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