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by Suzanne Brown Tuma,
Longview Chamber of Commerce

As a champion for a better community, our plans, goals, and initiatives are not for our benefit – they are for future generations – our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – with the dream of a community where they will thrive and desire to be involved.

The Longview Chamber of Commerce is passionate about “leading people, leading prosperity.” Our community is one filled with diverse people who need bold, visionary leadership. That vision includes the potential of economic prosperity for every community member. Economic prosperity is about helping people fulfill their dreams. It could be the dream of owning a business or the dream of leading a company to grow and add jobs. The primary way that we accomplish this prosperity is by planting seeds as a catalyst, convenor, and champion. 

Planting those seeds can be illustrated by a recent trip we hosted to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the tenth trip of what we call an “InterCity Trip.” A team of fifty key influencers from the Longview area joined us to visit with Tulsa’s leaders about initiatives they have launched and the challenges they have overcome as a community.  

The impact of each of the Intercity Trips over the past ten years has been tremendous, and this one was no different as we witnessed those seeds planted in the hearts and minds of the leaders who participated. So what seeds were planted, and how does the Chamber help nurture those seeds?

As a catalyst for business growth, the Longview Chamber is a believer in and defender of our free market economy. It is the free market that promotes competition and drives ingenuity. In that same vein, we also champion business as a force for good. One way the Chamber champions business is through our redevelopment initiative. A seed that was planted in Tulsa was the idea of beautifying our downtown alleys as a way to attract and keep people who will shop, eat, and play while they are here. A group has already formed to move this project forward. 

As a convenor of leaders and influencers, the Longview Chamber excels at connecting with key influencers at the local, state, and federal levels. Advocacy is perhaps our most important initiative as we are the voice for the businesses of our community. In Tulsa, there was a unified voice among organizations and entities. That voice was laser focused on talent attraction and retention. We are committed to helping convene the people who will adopt a “one-voice” mentality for Longview.  This focus may also revolve around talent attraction and retention, which is why we have launched our LongviewNow! initiative with a website, videos, and digital magazine. You can see all three at www.nowlongview.com. 

Finally, as a champion for a better community, our plans, goals, and initiatives are not for our benefit. They are for future generations – our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – with the dream of a community where they will thrive and desire to be involved. A better community means better education and a better workforce. Teams have already formed for projects like our higher ed consortium, an intern program for college students, and an industry coalition to better utilize our East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy.

Join us in planting the seeds of economic prosperity for future generations!

These efforts will help create a level playing field, create opportunity for all, and ensure that Longview continues to grow and thrive.  There are many exciting opportunities, as well as challenges, that lie before us. Seeds have been planted and will continue to be planted. We have seen a harvest already from the past ten years of InterCity Trips, but we have come too far to slow down now. We know that for the work to continue to grow in a community as large as Longview, it will take all of us working together with one voice. We also know that we will not see all of our work come to fruition, but there is great satisfaction in knowing the seeds have been planted. 

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Longview Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

To engage in and promote projects that have a positive economic impact on the Longview Trade Area.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as an effective resource, providing relevant, innovative, and impactful programming that ensures a healthy business climate and an enhanced quality of life for Longview and Gregg County.

Core Ideology and Value






A first-class Recruiting Talent Toolkit to sell Longview and help companies be successful in recruiting and retaining employees!

In January 2021, the Longview Chamber of Commerce released a new Talent Tool Kit which includes a relocation website, video, and an interactive relocation magazine.  These products couldn’t be timelier as companies are continually talking about the challenges of attracting talent. The talent shortage is not unique to our area – it is a growing 

concern across the country.

Recently, at the Chamber’s Energy Summit, Senior Economist Curtis Dubay with the U.S. Chamber shared there are currently 2 million more jobs than unemployed workers. He continued to explain the current Worker Shortage Index is 0.9 with a Quit Rate of 2.9% in August which is at an all time high. Dubay stated, the workforce shortage crisis has had a significant impact on businesses across the country.

There are no easy solutions on how to get people trained for the jobs of tomorrow.  What we do know is companies need first class tools to sell Longview to potential candidates.  Currently, there are three (3) pieces available in the LongviewNOW! toolkit: website, video, and e-magazine.

The toolkit is focused on telling our why:

Why we love living in Longview?

How can I get connected?

What is it like living in Longview?

Longview is proud to be a regional hub for financial services, world-class healthcare, and consumer product manufacturing.  Longview is home to over 85,000 people and is known as a place where businesses succeed, families flourish, and the life balance most can only dream of is a reality. 

When you work in Longview you WILL enjoy the natural beauty of East Texas!  We are known for providing a high quality of life with a relaxed atmosphere.  Families feel safe! Parents know children of all ages have access to a great education.  Adults have access to higher-ed opportunities.  Our way of life is appealing to families who believe in family first.  This is one of the myriads of reasons why businesses continue to expand and relocate to our area – our values—our natural beauty—our get things done attitude! 

Living in Longview allows residents to connect with the region’s hub for services and amenities. Our area offers many qualities key to economic success, including a hard working and well-educated workforce, a diverse economy, and an unquestionably pro-business climate.

Longview is committed to supporting and growing our dynamic economy by attracting talent and companies that value hard work, loyalty, and getting the job done right! 




Where are the top jobs by occupation?



Office and Administrative Support


Executive, Managers, and Administrators


Food Preparation, and Serving


Construction and Extraction


Businesses and Jobs

Longview has a total of 4,977 businesses. In 2021, the leading industries in Longview were Health Care and Social Services, Retail, Accommodation and Food Services, and Construction.

What are the top industries by jobs?

Health Care and Social Services










accommodation and food services





accommodation and food services





Work distribution of total employees in Longview


White Collar


Blue Collar

How many employees do businesses in Longview have?

Total Employees 52,610

Source: longviewusa.com/community-overview – 2021